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16 Feb

Welcome to YA Fiction Fanatics! Its great to see you!

Our group is dedicated to creating a friendly, active critique group for writers of YA / MG fiction. We try to keep our numbers low (between 10-15) because we believe that having a close-knit group is important to build relationships that extend beyond the edges of the page, and the internet. We write and critique everything from contemporary to horror, and some genres that haven’t been created yet!

Our current members include:
Miranda Buchanan

Penny Randall

Kit Forbes

Traci Kenworth

Rachel Marie Pratt

Rebekah Purdy

Jennifer Fischetto

Samantha Fountain

Amy Laura Jackson

Karen Cherry

Kelley Hively


If you’re interested in polishing your writing, helping other polish theirs, and having a good time in the process, please think about joining us!